Initial Policy Check & FMI + Sold To

This service gives initial policy info only, which means:
- It don't give SIM lock status.
- Current actual carrier can be different.

Don't use this service if you don't understand any of these,
we are not responsible for any loss due to your personal misunderstandings.
If you need SIM lock status and 100% correct carrier, 
use GSX service which included next tether policy.

Auto instant 24x7 service.
Result example:

IMEI Number : 353804089354599
Serial Number : F71SMDULHG7J
Coverage Status : Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Product Sold by : T MOBILE USA
Initial Carrier : US T-Mobile
Purchased In : United States
Estimated Purchase Date : 11/26/16
Registered Purchase Date : 11/26/16
SimLock : Unlocked
Linked To Apple ID : a●●●●●

Price : $0.25USD