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Turn your USA T-Mobile phone into clean.
Lost / Stolen / Fraud IMEIs supported.
Unpaid bills not supported.
All brand all model supported.

This service will not unlock your phone.
It won't clear financed status. 

Check IMEI Status here:

1. If a blocked IMEI has financing being cleaned, status will still show financing after cleaned.
2. If the phone is blocked from financing and it gets cleaned, if customer try to activate it on USA T-Mobile it might be reblocked.

This service should not be used to clean and use on USA T-Mobile, only clean for unlocking.
There is no way for us to check what IMEI will be cleaned without financing.

Note: No refund or verify if T-Mobile reblocked the IMEI.
Verification must ask in 5 days after result, if not will be considered as reblocked.

Price : $USD